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WOW!!!! Can you believe this????????? 40 years after the band first formed they are back with a new album..... BUT please don’t be submissive about this as the tracks were actually written back in the day and into the early 80s… Hence the title of this album.. The tracks are as powerful and spat out from Ozzy as he was back in the day! This notorious band found fame after playing at the infamous Rock Club and having a couple of tracks on the highly collectable Lee Wood’s RAW label….

The original singer “Ozzy” states …. Acme sewage Co are Ozzy and Simon and  any other musicians available at the time . Ozzy being responsible for Songwriting , Vocals and Guitar and Simon Sewage playing either Bass or Drums to suit . They have  gigged as a 2 piece when no one else was available to step in on bass.

When 'Acme ' was first formed it was the beginning of the punk era, Ozzy was mainly influenced by bands like 'The Stooges' and 'The New York Dolls' and also a lot of the bands that were then playing the New York circuit. Originally , the music was categorised as glam hard rock but because of Ozzy's aggressive vocals and playing style it became known as punk rock. Nowadays it can be said to be 'Glam Punk'.

Lyrically Ozzy has always been uncompromising and wrote a lot of songs about people he knew - songs that can be best described as 'teen angst'. Acme are best remembered for the songs 'I Don't Need You' and 'Smile & Wave Goodbye'. However towards the late 70's the songs took on a more social political edge

The songs on this CD were written in the late 70's and early  80's. 'I'll be your stranger ' and  '(you make me) sick' are re recordings of  previously released tracks. The rest of the songs are previously unrecorded.


Day To Day

(You Make Me) Sick


Poor Little Rich Girl

Just Take The Money

I'll Be Your Stranger

Signing Off Times

When The Chips Are Down

Tory Town

Dirty World  

Casino Island

Won't Wear It

Heartbreak Nation 

Give Them Hell

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