CLIQUE, THE - Vanbrugh Park (RED VINYL) LP (EX/EX)

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Formed in the mid 1980's The Clique soon became the biggest and best loved combo on the European 60's Mod scene. Everything about the band was right - the look, the sound, the attitude and Mods around the globe hailed them as the new Mod Messiahs. The band released a couple of early singles before really bursting onto the scene with their ‘Reggie’ single on our very own ‘Detour’ label. This was soon followed by the ‘Self Preservation Society’ album that went on to become Detour’s biggest ever seller - a record still held today. Unfortunately, soon after the release of the album the band fractured, and although they carried on for a couple of years with different members, the magic just wasn’t there and they split after being on the cusp of success and on the brink of signing to a large independent record company.

This album gives us some of the earliest recordings of the band - they were put into a studio by ‘Acid Jazz’ records when the label had some spare studio time in around 1986 / 1987 . With a helping hand from James Taylor Quartet leader James Taylor on Hammond the group went into the studio and laid down some mighty fine pure British Mod / R&B / Beat. Mixing sterling originals with covers such as ‘Leaving Here’ ‘Sookie Sookie’ and ‘You’d Better Stop’ this album was sure to be a hit on the Mod scene.

Unfortunately, and for reasons that are no longer remembered, the album never saw the light of day - it sat on the shelves at Acid Jazz gathering dust.

Well, now Detour Records have grabbed those tapes, polished ‘em off and had ‘em remixed for your total listening pleasure - and what a pleasure it is! Just one listen of this album is enough take you back to those heady days of the late 80's / early 90's - a burgeoning UK Mod scene (later to turn into Britpop), the highly attended ‘Untouchables’ rallies and good times.

Not just a history lesson, and by no means a lesson in misty eyed nostalgia, this is a reelin’ and rockin’ blast of pure amphetamine fuelled excitement from the first minute to the last!! This was probably the best British Mod / R&B album to be recorded since the ‘Who’s debut - get it now!!!


A1-Ground Ginger

A2-Gonna Get Me Somebody

A3-Crying Days

A4-Sookie Sookie


B1-Leaving Here


B3-I'm No Good Without You

B4-You'd Better Stop

B5-Young Man Blues

B6-Ground Ginger


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