FAST CARS - Once Again …. I'm Lost For Words! (MAGENTA VINYL) EP 12" + P/S (NEW)

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This record will probably be the last release from the Fast Cars archives … and probably the best recording they ever made, with that familiar energy, wit and melodic pop sensibility bursting through every groove. Funded by a major record label and recorded in a top London Studio, these recordings have remained locked away for over 40 years! The EP features 6 tracks, several of them anthems from their latter day gigs in 1980, a song they didn’t even remember writing, never mind recording in ‘Sophisticated Lady’ … where you hear the band subtlety morphing into the eighties and a blistering cover of ‘This Old Heart of Mine’ that almost secured them that elusive major deal. As a special bonus we've added a live recording from Japan of their legendary single ‘The kids Just Wanna Dance’ performed here some 28 years after the band first split, disillusioned by a music business that decided recordings this good … still weren’t good enough ! But the audience reaction in Japan proves that maybe FAST CARS should really have been the English chart cousins of The Undertones. So here Detour Records bring you yet another testament to one of Manchester’s finest bands , true pioneers of what was to become known as Power Pop! … Just sad it’s release comes shortly after the loss of guitarist Craig Hilton, but serves as a wonderful legacy to the man who defined the SOUND OF FAST CARS!


Marching As To War

I Go Where You Go

Sophisticated Lady

This Ole Heart Of Mine

Way Of The World

The Kids Just Wanna Dance (Live)

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