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Grass Root level Punk Rock from 1977 outta of a notorious housing estate in Gravesend. The band formed in the early days of '77 to a bleak outlook and depressing scenes that were happening all around them. They slogged around all the music venues of the area getting hassled and abuse and in most cases banned. On many occasions, the manager used to bundle them into his car and whisked away for their own safety…. Their lucky break came on when they were invited to play THE ROXY CLUB on Tuesday 28th February 1978, playing support to Bloodsport (who would later become Killing Joke).

More gigs followed throughout Kent but felt they were in a rut and on the advice of their manager they changed their name to something more friendlier.... (reallly?).

So in late '78, they adopted the new name of THE BIG JOBS... Sadly this didn't really help with getting gigs and the band imploded in early '79 as two members had to go on a short break at her majesty's pleasure.

In their short existence the band did actually venture into their local recording studio which was situated in the Medway area. Sadly the band were totally out of their heads and only managed to lay down eight tracks before the studio engineer stropped a wobbly and gave up on them. However, the band did walk away with the reel to reel master tape to the actual recordings that included all their stage favourites ….

So for the first time, you can here all the tracks direct off the master reel to reel tape….. AND on top of that, we have managed to convert a old 8mm cine film footage of the band playing in the “Hit & Miss” public House. The footage is a bit dark and very chaotic BUT this captures the band in full flight….


Only Slightly Inebriated

Oh Shit

The Train

Amazing Grace

I Danced All Night With A Hamster Until I Trod On It

11th Hour

Oral Sex With A Caterpillar


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