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1 Step Forward… Further Steps represents ’90s garage band The Nuthins’ sole 1997 album and accompanying session tracks, plus their singles and compilation appearances. Featuring recordings cut between 1991 and ’98, this expanded album is the definitive anthology.

Concurrent with both grunge, baggy, and later Britpop, the backrooms of numerous pubs across the UK hosted sweaty rock ’n roll shows played by young garage bands unconcerned with current trends. Undoubtedly, the Pebbles comps of the previous decade paved the way, and acts like The Nuthins cared more about homaging that old no nonsense attack and style than getting in the NME. Oddly, this collection sounds less dated than the majority of the music recorded at the time, precisely because it wasn't of the time.

From the early days of The Salisbury Arts Centre and The St John's Tavern to touring Europe, and gaining airplay on Radio 1, The Nuthins had one hell of a good time doing it. The pile of singles and the hallowed album that they recorded at the legendary Toe Rag, all collected here, is their legacy. The band’s sound covered everything from the mid-60s R&B of debut 'Allergic Kiss' and tougher 'You're To Blame’, to the 12-string folk-punk of 'Mistake' and 'One Step Forward', the mid-tempo beat of ‘Next Of Kin’, and their little heard rousing psychedelic finale, 'Thoughts & Visions'. A lot of moods were tackled.

This collection is the first of two Nuthins anthologies, with the vinyl rarities/unreleased set, Oddities, Allsorts & Magic Mixtures, to follow soon. The band were also recently included on the Cherry Red box set Into Tomorrow - The Spirit Of Mod 1983-2000, alongside such other garage related acts as The Prisoners, The Milkshakes, The Clique, The Stairs, The Aardvarks, The Bogeymen, Thee Cherylinas, Jarvis Humby and The Mystreated.

The lads love of short, simple songs, valve amps, and vintage guitars, organs and drums, mean these recordings have a timelessness that all fans of Nuggets will cherish. Thirty years on they still sound great!


Ain't Gonna Miss Ya

Next Of Kin

Hey Joe

Cold As Ice

You Can't Have Me


I Feel Fine

Why Do I Love Ya

One Step Forward

Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl

Shut And Close Case

Hang Nine

I Scream Alone

Good Time Spot



Hurting Kynd

Allergic Kiss

Colour Trip

Modesty Blaise

Cemetery Chemistry

Missing Link

Ages (I've Been Waiting)

You're To Blame


There Must Be A Way


I Won't Deny It

Thoughts And Visions

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Sick And Tired

Harder I Try

Put Down

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