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Following on with 'Detour Records' very popular Picture Disc series, here is the TWENTY SECOND installment in this 'The Classic '79 Mod Series' (and TWENTY SIXTH Picture disc in total over both series).

The true fans amongst us will notice that the artwork is CORRECT this time as the original label 'No Pap Records' added an 'S' to the bands name back in 1979 which the band were really annoyed about! You will also notice that the artwork features a great unpublished photo of the original line-up who played on these four tracks. This rare photo came from the ex manger 'Roger Allen's' archive. Two of these tracks are being released on vinyl for the very first time!

From the pen of their ex manager...

Speedball were Rob's band. Rob being Rob Beulo, a 19 year old Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist. I first met Rob when we were both working for the same boring insurance company in the City. He'd tell me about his band and invited me along to see them back in his home town of Southend. That would of been about February '79 and I was blown away! Rob was the oldest, Bass player Paul 'Blue' Dunne was 17, guitarist Barry Godwin was 17 and drummer Dave Dyke was 16. They did a couple of cover versions, one was The Boys 'First Time' was one, but mainly they did their own great, original songs. I thought they were fantastic and did my best to get them gigs and publicity. It was a fast moving scene with bands appearing left, right and centre. Many of them were the typical Jam and Who copyists but there was some good outfits as well. I thought Speedball couldn't fail. Unfortunately I was wrong, the music press quickly turned against the 'Mod Revival' and trashed every band in that genre. That got rid of a lot of average bands but also bands that were playing fresh original material. Judge for yourself. On this picture disc, there are four tracks recorded early '79 by the original line up when the Mod revival scene was quite small and anything seemed possible.


Is Somebody There?

60's Girl

No Survivors

Boys And Girls


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