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The 2nd album, vinyl only, way more 60s oriented! The old German-Irish Mod Legend is back, but with the new generation of musicians! Driving power pop, Mod revival and 60‘s influences. 

Since the release of their debut album 'Never Too Late' in 2018, Stephen's Ruin's infectiously bright and energetic pure pop sound has been making toes tap and bringing smiles to faces.

Songs from the album have been played on independent radio stations around the world, from Australia to Columbia, from the USA to Poland.

So far, live performances have been confined to Europe but who knows where the second album will lead. They have shared billing with - among others - "The Lightning Seeds", "French Boutik", "Trouble Pilgrims" (ex Radiators) and "The Porters", at gigs in Dublin, Drogheda, Blyth, London, Manchester and around their hometown of Duesseldorf.

Fronted by charismatic, engaging vocalist Paul Desmond Leech, the band is comprises two guitars, Hammond organ, bas and drums, played by Jan, Philipp, Lukas, Max and Elias. (from Denis Goodbody)

After the release of "Somewhere Else" (2022) various songs from the Album were played on international radio shows. Mark I: 80ies Mod / Powerpop Band from Duesseldorf / Germany.

Mark II: 30 years seperate Stephen's Ruin Mk1 and Mk2 but the affection for uptempo 'Power Pop' hasn't dimished. Between 1985 and 1989 the Band led by Stephen Leech, Stefan Theissen and Dieter Brauer made a name for themselves creating some of the best Pop songs of the period, infectious music inspired by 60ts Beat, early Psychodelic combined with the power of 76-77 Punk. Commanding critical acclaim for their EPs and Singles output by the BBC's John Peel and Bomb's Gregg Shaw.

Since 2018 Stephen's son's Paul Desmond and Elias have been continuing the tradition on Record and Live with friends Lukas, Jan and Max


Side 1

1. Sarah Sharp

2. Runaround

3. On Top Of The World

4. Tonight

5. Lorraine

6. Picture Of A Child

Side 2

1. Stockholm Girl

2. Jeannine

3. Farewell My Friend

4. Somewhere Else

5. Losing You

6. No Use Pretending


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