Customer ratings for MARRIOTT, STEVE - Lonely No More / Some Kind Of Wonderful 7" + P/S (NEW)

easily five star

from on 23/03/2022

Fantastic, what a legend. Please more like this. Also Ronnie Lane on "Lonely No More". Both were taken away far too soon.

10 out of ten

from on 06/04/2022

great 45 and fast post

Great new original song & cover

from on 03/05/2022

Steve has that unique voice that comes out loud & proud in this excellent double sider, could be back in the 60's, what an outstanding release from these artists sadly no longer with us. Keep em' coming like that Bastion!


from on 10/06/2022

Deliberiert very good and Hoods are in a superb condition.


from on 25/06/2022

Two great tunes well done for putting this together.


from on 06/07/2022

Great company, good communication, fast shipping.


from on 09/08/2022

Great stuff and fast shipping from the UK to the States. I love this STEVE MARRIOTT 7" single! I will definitely be buying from this shop again!
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