BASEMENTS, THE - Sounds Of Yesterday LP (NEW) (M)

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Stunning new garage release on the Greek Lost In Tyme.


The Basements return with “Sounds Of Yesterday”, an astoundingly impressive LP, inspired by the folk garage and “moody” sounds of 1966 with a right injection of vintage psych sounds.

The band in their 3rd LP reveal a maturity in their songs and an unprecedented understanding of the real garage sound of the 60’s. Walls of jangly 12-string guitars, those sweet farfisa sounds and reverb drenched vocals! Remember all those LPs recorded by bands playing in basements in the mid 60’s (Bachs, All Of Thus, Summer Sounds) and you might get an idea. The remarkable thing with The Basements is that although they have achieved with such great skill to resurrect the sounds of yesterday, they sound so fresh and relevant today.

So, get down to The Basements and enjoy the Sounds Of Yesterday!


Side 1

1. "Everything Is Wrong"

2. "Morning"

3. "Dreams"

4. "Mary Ann"

5. "I Cried Once"

6. "Time Will Do The Rest"

7. "She Was Mine"

Side 2

1. "Sounds Of Yesterday"

2. "Rainy Days"

3. "I Get So Disgusted"

4. "I'm For My Own"

5. "Children Of Tomorrow"

6. "Way Back"

7. "Show Me The Way"


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