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‘The Marksmen!’ Not known as the creative centre of Norwich, with one pub, a convenience store and one hundred yards between them, Silver Hill is home to The Marksmen. Reputations from former bands led them to meet and in 2004 their individual styles and sounds came together and ideas and songs weren't far behind. What they produce is a combination of powerful vocals, frenetic organ playing, smooth funky bass lines and emphatic drumming, which is all brought together by perfectly timed guitar riffs. What will strike you is that all five elements of the band have equal importance in creating the music.
The band's effort, enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of playing live, creates an infectious party atmosphere. This has deservedly led to an ever-increasing loyal and passionate following! In January 2005, they completed their first set of recordings at Toerag Studios in London .
The Marksmen have got an exciting summer ahead, which sees the release of this debut EP on Biff Bang Pow Records. The band are also looking forward to their heavy schedule of gigs, which will see them playing to many new audiences in venues around the country.
The band line up is as follows:
Graeme Hewitt - Lead Vocals
Marcus Nunn - Guitar
Dan Woodcock - Bass Guitar
Ade Lee  - Drums
Giles Hewitt - Hammond



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