DOLE, THE - Flashes Of Brilliance, Warts 'N All CD (NEW) (P)

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Bin Liner's off-shoot label "ONLY FIT FOR THE BIN" are chuffed to bits in bringing this little PUNK ROCK gem out to a new audience. I must confess, I bought this 7" myself back in the late 70s and dismissed it as it had keyboards in it. Then quite a few years later I heard it again on a radio show and it blew me away and just thought to myself how narrow minded I was when I was just listening to the strictly "1234 kinda punk"... Now I can't tell you enough how brilliant this single was and STILL IS!

On this historical and MUST HAVE release, it features both sides of the bands lone single from 1978, Five tracks that have been taken off the original reel to reel master tape that was recorded at the legendary Spaceward studios in 1978 that are unique in its self as it has a two prong male / female vocal attack… PLUS a whole heap of other recordings from various rehearsals etc.....

So in the bands own words ....

So here it is! 39 years after these tracks were captured, this little jewel is about to be released to the fans of Punk. The tracks are raw, and how they were meant to be heard. Captured in various ways at the time including a make shift recording studio, Spaceward Studios in Cambridge and a C120 cassette tape recorder that was just stuck in a corner at a rehearsal session.

This album is primarily a tribute to Ian "Emu" Neeve, our lead singer who sadly lost his battle with cancer a few years ago. Emu was The DoLe. The band revolved around his immense stage presence. He is sadly missed, and how he would enjoy seeing this album. Sadly another past member, bassist Nick Joinson is no longer with us.

The DoLe were one of Peterboroughs most successful bands in the late 70's along with The Now. The music is uncomplicated and has a real feel of the era. One of the reviews of New Wave Love in 1978 wrote "This band are bound to be snapped up by a major label". Unfortunately this didn't happen. Still we had fun.


New Wave Love

Hungry Men No Longer Steal Sheep But Are There Hanging Judges

Who Cares?

Britain Needs You

Destroy It


Switch On / Switch Off

Intro 76


Czechoslovakia's Touch

Hungry Men No Longer Steal Sheep But Are There Hanging Judges

I'm Jesus Christ the Murderer

In The Dole …. Switch On / Switch Off

Not Allowed


Sick On You / tape ends


Who Cares?


Bully Boys

No Use

Chauvinist Pig

Destroy It

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