Product no.: DR046DL

Formed in the July of 1994, the Blocked are proving themselves to be one of the scenes most promising and energetic young bands! Showing their own perfect brand of power fuelled Punk-Pop. This is actually their fourth commercially released recording. They've even appeared on local TV Cult show "Des Res" on BBC1 Wales. Managed by 'Paul Grey' of 'The Damned' & Eddie & the Hot Rods" fame, they are certainly heading in the right direction. All we need to do now is to convince you to buy it!

SLOGGERS UK - A 50 Second burst of lyrical brilliance that will leave you asking "What happened", over-worked office workers across the nation will be nodding along to this one.

PLASTIC PUNKS - A new one from the pen of Jason Channing and the main track on this EP. Youth, Culture, Escapism..... "Plastic Punk's Not Dead!"

READERS WIVES - For Dirty Old Men of the world who know exactly where to find 'em.


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