GENTS, THE - Unfinished Business EP 7" + P/S (NEW) (M)

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The Gents are back! And how! Back with a brand new release in the form of this fantastic new vinyl 7" extended player for your delectation and delight. We just knew with vinyl records and releases, that just like that old joke about clothes sense, if we waited long enough then it would come back into fashion...and it has.

Doncaster’s absolute and undisputed finest are once again playing and recording for your pleasure and present for your consideration these four songs on the Unfinished Business EP.

Two new songs, written by songwriting partnership Martin John Burton and Steve Chambers especially for this release, in the form of Wake Up and Pack of Lies, two new absolute humdingers for this modern vinyl era and two newly recorded and reinterpreted versions of songs on the other side that come from way back when (1987 and the second Gents’ LP Waiting to be Seen with the up-an’-at-’em title track Waiting, a natural single if ever there was one and 1985 with Day to Day, which comes from the Gents’ debut album How it all Began).

This EP release may or may not herald a new eon of Gents’ chart domination (realistically probably the latter, in fact is there even a recognisable singles’ chart at all these days?), but we very much hope you enjoy these new offerings and please also buy the Gents’ new singles’ album The Rise and Fall of the Gents, which chronicles the band’s 7" black plastic career from 1981 to 1986 and now to today with this release and that’s it to be honest, the Gents are back...and how!



Wake Up

Pack of Lies


Day to Day

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