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Well here it is, the fifth in the series of these very collectable '79 Classic Mod releases.

This time we bring you FOUR unreleased tracks from one of the earliest Mod bands from North London. They were part of the "March Of The Mods" tour in 1979 along with Secret Affair, Squire & The Purple Hearts. The band quickly recorded and released their debut single 'Your Side Of Heaven' with Fiction Records.

In 1980 the band went through several line up changes, one notable change being the departure of vocalist Brian Betteridge. Drummer Andy Moore had left shortly after the MOTM tour concluded. The vocal duties were taken up by Craig Lappin who rose to the challenge and the vacant drum stool was filled by Nick Sinclair.

The band rehearsed extensively and were soon back on the road. They recorded demos of four new songs which resulted in an offer from Satril Records and it was rumoured that Chrysalis were also interested. Having hung on for a decision and, passing on the Satril deal, Chrysalis didn’t take the band onto their roster. The band soldiered on for several months but eventually called it a day.

Fast forward 40 years and a dusty old demo tape was found and Detour ventured into the studio to try and enhance the 40 year old cassette with some modern technology. The sound was improved to the best quality possible, and even though they weren't perfect we still wanted to release these tracks as it is part of the bands history.......

So here you are..... You can now hear the four tracks as they were recorded back in 1980!


London’s Pride

Names and Rocks

I Could be Dreaming

So Young


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