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It's been a LONG time coming as the pressing plant has become overwhelmed with so much vinyl being pressed and are not back to full capacity yet because of COVID 9 restrictions.

ANYWAY...... Here it is, the wait is over and we can now reveal the ELEVENTH Picture Disc in this very collectable '79 Classic Mod series.


Henry Wood, the bands ex manager remembers ....​

"42 years ago the single "Blood Spattered with Guitars" by The Accidents was released on the independent 'Hook Line 'n' Sinker' label. It soon became John Peel's "Record of the Week" and over the following 40 years has become something of a cult "Mod" classic appearing on no less than five compilation albums that cover the birth of the new "Mod" era of the late '70's and early '80's. Now, 'Detour Records' have reacted to the continued demand for the record with a lovingly re-issued Picture Disc of the single. This Limited Edition Collector's Item not only contains the two original tracks, but also features - the never before released track - "I'm Dead (But, I'm Alive to the World)" recorded by the band in 1978. The release is seen as a posthumous tribute to former lead singer and guitarist Terry Ruffle who died unexpectedly late last year."

Paul Sullivan, ex drummer with the band remembers...

2020 saw the 40th Anniversary of the release of The Accidents' one and only single, "Blood Spattered with Guitars", and we had planned to celebrate the occasion with, at the very least, a few pints. There were also plans for a re-release, which you now hold in your hands, thanks to Dizzy at Detour Records. Unfortunately, two unforseen events put paid to that: a worldwide pandemic and the sudden loss of our frontman, Terry Ruffle. Terry was instrumental in putting together the project, long before he became ill, but sadly he never got to see the eventual release. The record reprises both sides of the original single, "Blood Spattered.." and "Curtains for You". It was Terry's idea to include the extra track, "I'm Dead (but I'm Alive to the World)", featuring an earlier line up of the band with bassist Nick Fisher. His replacement, Nick Smith has not been in the best of health, and Terry and the rest of the band Paul Sullivan and Mark Robins, along with Manager Henry Wood, were originally planning to dedicate this release to him. I remember my time with the band with great affection, and I'm pleased to be able to share this belated celebration with you.

Once again, only 300 copies pressed!


Blood Spattered With Guitars

Curtains For You

I'm Dead (But I'm Alive to the World)


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