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Well here it is!!! The FIFTEENTH release in this VERY POPULAR series....

We feel that this release is a big part in the history of the Mod Revival scene and especially to the London Mod scene of the late 70s and beyond. A few of you out there will be thinking why? Well this was the bands FIRST ever demo and all FOUR tracks feature the ORIGINAL singer MICK WINSLOW who was the singer from "The Variations". We would also like to point out, the title track "STOP GO" is a studio version and not live like it was on the bands second single which had Andy Welsh on vocals. Also, the second track here "I Gotta Do Things My Way" is totally unreleased until now and is a cover of the classic 'Tim Rose" track that he released back in 1966. And lastly, just for all you trainspotters among us, it features a third member of the 'Wood' family on that track! Yes, a guest appearance by Gary and Russell's mum under her stage name of "Leslie Allen". Special thanks go out to Paul Dixon for all the photos. (Please note.This was supposed to be the first release in 2022 but arrived back from the pressing plant early! So please excuse us for the date of 2022 on the disc. We could of kept it back until then but decided against it! - so enjoy!)



Stop Go

I Gotta Do Things My Way

Show My Love

Day I Met You

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