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Detour Records are chuffed to bits in getting this release out! First of all, we want to make it clear that this is NOT a Jolt release. It is is a release that features Kym Bradshaw (Saints, Lurkers, Small Hours etc) and he wanted to record a couple of tracks and as he was in-between bands he drafted in two members of The jolt as he got to know the band as the Jolt had previous played support to the Saints in 1977..... Below is Kym's account...


In the beginning, there was The Saints, the seminal Brisbane band which flew into the UK on the wings of rave reviews from the British music Press. Signed to EMI Records, the band hit the road on a nationwide tour, which included dates in Scotland. Which is where The Saints met The Jolt, a  Wishaw based three man band comprising  friends from schooldays, bassist Jim Doak, guitarist Robbie Collins and drummer Iain Shedden. The meeting was to result in a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

The Jolt signed to Polydor and moved to North London, where Saints’ bass player Kym Bradshaw was living following his split from the band. While Bradshaw went on to work with The Damned’s Captain Sensible and later, writing Hey You for The Lurkers’ debut album for Beggars Banquet, he stayed in contact with The Jolt.

Looking for a publishing contract, Bradshaw took his new song Midnight To Six into the Wemeenit recording studios to trial a demo, along with Robbie Collins and Iain Shedden. Using his experience from producing The Saints’ I’m Stranded single, Bradshaw double tracked Collins’ guitar multiple times to build a wall of sound. A fast blues rhythm over a soul groove is what he aimed for, and got.

Soon afterwards, Bradshaw met the Thompson brothers, Neil and Armand, from the Mod band The Small Hours, and joined them along with Iain Shedden, as The Jolt had disbanded. The demo was forgotten. 

Fast forward a few years, Iain Shedden moved to Australia  to work as a newspaper music critic and also drummed for The Saints. Bradshaw carved  out a new career. But recently, the lost demo that was on a quarter inch reel top reel tape was found.  Even better, it still had the potential to fire up a storm, with engineer James Perret fanning the flames into life.

The result - Midnight To Six, backed with All We Wanna Know - is the missing link between the punk and Mod revival eras. 

* Sadly, Iain Shedden has since passed way.




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