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The Architect of Modernist Blues

Andy Welsh, “architect of Modernist Blues”, is back with his second solo single “ALL ABOUT YOU”. This is an instant classic weaving one of the best blues harp players in the world with Andy’s pop catchy genius.

The mature angst of this love song traces the journey of marriage and divorce.

Featuring Pat Missin, who has written several harp tutor books and designs for the global Lee Oskar brand as well as being a stalwart of international blues harp conventions and competitions.

Gary Hammond is on percussion, picking out the clever internal beats, and toured with Nina Simone and The Beautiful South.

Returning on backing vocals is jazz and soul singer Lyn Acton from Pearls Cab Ride, bringing some lovely unison patterns, rather than the usual harmonies you might expect – this is a break-up after all!

The producer is again Pat Dooner, from BBC6 Music faves The Broken Orchestra, who did such a good job on Andy’s first solo release “Feel Good” and now marries the blues perfectly here – giving a swirling sound that fulfils Andy’s vision of Modernist Blues.

The band Andy has brought together work at Element Studio in the industrial riverside of Hull, drawing new resonance from the North to blend with Andy’s London success with the East End mods and his former group The Scene.

Along with this new single, This work can all be seen in the award-winning documentary “Make Me Feel Good” by Hull director Mal Williamson, seen across European film festivals. The creative life is not easy and this movie shows the full journey of Andy’s recording process – hard-won successes amongst the economic struggles of the UK music scene.

The Blu-Ray features a great interview with Andy where he explains his early success during the 80s Mod revival being curtailed by a suspicious music press, despite critical plaudits and featuring on best-selling album compilations such as “Our Generation”. This second single shows the breadth of Andy’s lyric writing and musical ambitions for the 60s vibe and working-class sensibilities.

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All About You

All About You (Alternative Mix)



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