CLIQUE, THE - Self Preservation Society DOWNLOAD

Product no.: DRCD003DL



To Be honest this album should need no introduction - If you don't know about it by now then where the hell have you been?

The Clique have the rare honour of being the Detour label's biggest success story and our most glorious failure! It saw the biggest pressing the Detour label have ever done (5000 copies), huge sales and interest (it seems) almost every major record label in the UK. The failure... the interested record labels stringing them along until the band said enough is enough and called it a day! A VERY SAD day for us here at the Detour towers!

The music was stuff of dreams - this LP will surely go down in MOD history alongside the likes of The Action, The Creation, The Artwoods etc.

First released in 1995 this release is a killer, no filler! A strong, strong 60's influence - with chirpy vocals by Trevor French being reminiscent of Steve Marriott - a huge Hammond pounding away and songs that are so catchy that they should be illegal.



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