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Here it is - the one we’ve all been waiting for!!! When The Circles reformed a couple of years ago to play the Mods Mayday 1999 gig - they soon found themselves being asked the same question again and again - "when are you going to put out an album of new material?". Well, they locked themselves into a studio and toiled away for a few months and at the end of it they emerged, shielding their eyes from the sunlight but holding in their hands this absolute beast of an album. 12 tracks (14 on CD) of the purest ‘79 Mod Revival you will EVER hear. This album features new songs and re-recordings of a few old favourites that until now were only available on the live ‘Private World’ LP. One thing strikes you as soon as you hear the first few notes of this release - the band have not lost an ounce of their passion and anger over the 20 odd years since they left the scene. This album is an outstanding piece of work that combines the raw energy of the ‘79 Revival with a maturity that can only come from years of experience. Sure, it’s been a long time coming - but the band have done themselves proud - and this LP will surely go down in history as one of the all-time Mod classics - believe me it’s that good! The CD version comes with two extra tracks - being the ‘Private World’ and ‘All Or Nothing’ tracks that appeared on the groups ‘Detour’ 7".



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