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It’s taken almost 20 years for this happen, but now we can finally say.....


Yep, this fantastic Essex based Mod / Power-Pop combo have finally managed to lay down all of their great tracks and put ‘em on one shiny little disc for your listening pleasure!

The boss formed in the Mid 80's, and until now their entire recorded output consisted of the classic and highly collectable ‘One Good Reason’ 7" (a real Mod / Power-Pop stormer!!!) and a flexi disc that came free with a fanzine. After slogging away on the dwindling Mod scene until the late 80's the band split. Now the band have reformed and have given us EVERYTHING they have ever recorded - from day one up to the present day. Featured on this brilliant release are 7 tracks from the 80's, including both sides of the storming ‘One Good Reason’ single, plus 11 fantastic recordings from 2002 that prove the band have lost none of their ability to marry together power and melody with such ease.

One listen to this CD will leave you scratching your head and wondering how The Boss never made it big.

The album is called Underdog. Never before has an album been so aptly named.


1-Joseph Green-

2-Streets Where I Live-

3-One Good Reason-

4-Wake Up Children-

5-Simple Lives-

6-Invisible Kids-

7-Kids Forever-

8-It's Alright-

9-Be My Baby-

10-Song For You-

11-These Days-

12-Summer Song-

13-World Stops Turning-

14-Natural Blond-

15-Love Struck Fool-


17-Autumn Gold-

18-Two Wrongs-


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