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​Sounds 1979: The Fixations were by far the best tonight. They have three or four excellent songs that would make great singles. No Way Out and Clever Remarks would easily match Millions Like Us and Maybe Tomorrow and add to the growing Mod scene. Tonight they were on top form, ending with their mad drummer demolishing his kit and nearly decapitating their lead singer.

 Paul Cattini: We came from Punk but our soul belongs to The Who.

 The Fixations were: Paul Cathcart, Ace Face, Paul Cattini, eternal Mod, Richard Sharp, sharp dressed man and Ken Gamby, not the full ticket.

The Fixations; Vintage '79.

Paul Cattini: We never felt threatened by The Jam, our main opposition was The Chords.

New Musical Express: What does Mod mean to you? Paul Cathcart: We argue about that all the time.

Paul Cattini: We listen to The Clash and The Jam as well as The Who and The Small Faces.

 Paul Cattini: If the original Mods were here today they would be Northern Soul Boys, the happening dance scene. We are something else, we come from Punk with a Mod style and attitude, we are '79 modrockers.

 The Fixations, born 1979, created The Sound of Young London, died 1981.

The Fixations = Mod.

 Dingwalls, The Music Machine, The Wellington, The Marquee Club, these were our homes in '79; hear us on The Sound of Young London.

Sounds: Whereas The Chords and The Purple Hearts will cover the Beatles and The Small Faces, The Fixations only play original songs and Clever Remarks, Unnatural Merger and Country Girl are truly memorable songs.

 (All 16 tracks and the two video clips were all recorded between 1978—1981)


1-Rex Features

2-Clever Remarks

3-Country Girl

4-No Way Out (1980)

5-Sunday Outing


7-Contact (1979)

8-Unnatural Merger

9-So Madly

10-Contact (1980)

11-The Sound Of Music

12-No Way Out (1979)

13-Daniel Brodie

14-The Park Hotel

15-On The Beach

16-Day At The Asylum

Digitally Enhanced Live Recordings

VIDEO-1-Country Girl (MPEG Video)

VIDEO-2-No Way Out (MPEG Video)

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