V/A - Le Beat Bespoké #6 - The New Untouchables Presents.... CD (NEW) (M)

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NEW RELEASE Volume 6, A NUT’s production for Detour records featuring rare underground dancefloor fillers from the New Untouchables club scene with bespoke artwork from Pip! Pip! , In this collection arecurrent hits from Dr Robert’s DJ set as well as some new discoveries and forgotten gems in some cases compiled for the 1st time ever. This is number 6 of the series, it has just been released (April 2015).

CD version has 20 tracks. See track list below:

1. I’m The Man- Jerry Holmes

2. Maybe Later- The Omen & Their Luv

3. Life- Crystal Revelation

4. My Baby’s Got Me- Troy Marrs

5. Tiger Dance- Bird And The Bees

6. One Way Ticket- Chris Rayburn

7. It’s So Much The Better- Marian Ruxell

8. Freedom- Monica

9. Ladder- Sheephouse

10. Back To My Lady- Perhaps Next Tide

11. People in The Night- The Group

12. It Happened- Paul Martin

13. Poor Poor Genie- Damon

14. Girl In The Future- Paul St. James & The Franky’s

15. Rat Race- The Tears

16. Purple Purple-  Spontaneous Generation

17. The Expectation- Dutch Masters

18. Temple Of Gold- Samurai

19. No Time to Turn Me On - Catapult

20. The Lesson- The Cords


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