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11 Track Vinyl LP + Free 19 Track CD & 20 Track Download Code

First 250 Copies comes with a 4 page 12” full colour history/biog.


It was exactly 30 years ago; Edinburgh’s The Shadowland released their “Kaleidoscope” LP. Their infectious psychedelic pop melodies inspired and created the soundtrack for a generation; an underground musical phenomenon, swirling and cascading through venues, pubs and clubs...out of step with the mainstream, but compelling; The Shadowland experience is truly unique, memorable and precious.

Detour Records have worked with the band to create a must-have ultimate collection. This LP/CD package features almost every recorded work from the debut LP, rare and unissued material and includes the entire “She” LP project.

In addition to the crisp, remastered recordings, ALL copies come pressed on lovely splattered coloured vinyl. There were supposed to of been a black vinyl version but the pressing plant cocked up!

The first 250 come complete with a comprehensive full colour history/biography 4 page 12” booklet featuring dozens of memories from
cats’n’kittens there first thyme around. The LP comes with a 19 track CD and 20 track download code.

The Chemist 2021

“Just enjoy this inspired collection for what it is: psyche pop Nirvana delivered with enough charisma to light up Princes Street”

Paul Moody Uncut Magazine 2020


Side 1

1 . Billy Sloan

2 . The Vow

3 . She Sells

4 . Paradise

5 . Introducing Mr Sun

Side 2

1. Smoke

2. Something New

3. Outside

4. Vagabond

5. Yellow, Pink & Blue

6. Superstar

CD Version

1. Billy Sloan

2. The Vow

3. She Sells

4. Turnaround

5. She

6. Kaleidoscope

7. The Leaves

8. Throw a Six (To Start)

9. Rainbow Colours

10. Just like Alice

11. Vagabond

12. Testament of Hope

13. Something New

14. Smoke

15. City Dreamers

16. Paradise

17. Introducing Mr Sun

18. Yellow, Pink & Blue

19. Superstar

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