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Detour Records are immensley proud in bringing you this long lost UK Powerpop Classic that has stayed unreleased for the last 44 years after being recorded back in 1979. Detour Records must say a BIG thanks to Brad Shepherd for some mighty fine detective work in locating ALL the original FIVE members and thankfully the drummer Paul Tully still had the ORIGINAL reel to reel master tapes buried away in his cupboard.

As in the Rhythm Guitarist Players on words....

Following the heyday of Punk and New Wave, the phenomenon of Power Pop emerged. Fusing the energy of Punk and the more sophisticated melodies and harmonies of Adult-Oriented Pop and Rock, it was a genre that attracted musicians and songwriters seeking new challenges. Superceded in popularity by the New Romantics, elements of Power Pop can be found in many contemporary artists’ repertoires today.

Power Pop is exemplified by the songs written and recorded by Autographs.

Autographs formed in in London in 1978, comprising ex-members of The Stukas, Chelsea, Pressure . They signed to RAK Records - the single ‘While I’m Still Young’, high-energy live performances and a fresh , clean image seemed to ensure success and stardom. Despite several television appearances and complimentary media attention, the record didn’t sell well enough to trouble the charts.

Despite writing and recording many songs, there were no further releases - until now!

The band called it a day in 1979 and moved on to other musical projects.

This album showcases the songwriting talents and musicianship of Autographs.

All songs recorded live in the studio

The band were...

Chris Gent - Lead Vocals/Saxophone

David Spicer - Bass Guitar/Vocals

James Ward Lead Guitar/vocals

Garry ‘Raggy’ Lewis - Rhythm Guitar

Paul Tully - Drums

Garry 'Raggy' Lewis / July 2023

FEATURES While I'm Still Young (Single Version)

Is It In My Head

Naughty Girl

Don’t Go With That Girl

I Got Caught Robbing The Bank Of Love

Insomnia Blues

Short Wave Radio

Three Ways To Walk

Life Has A Price Tag Too

King Of The Night

New World

Love Hollywood Style

Lonely Again

Crazy Angel

You Said

While I'm Still Young (Alternate Version)

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