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“Only Fit For The Bin” kicks off this year with a belter…… The French Punk, Oi!, Skunk scene has always been overlooked but in the last few years, a lot of labels have pick up on this and have been re-visiting the early French scene and re-releasing some great long lost gems!

Here we give you a great example of how vibrant the French scene was…

Erection Punitive formed in 1979.

The band evolved and saw a few changes in 1981.

The original drummer left the band (and was replaced by Mister Cornholio) and so did guitarist Fernando Cho.B (who was replaced by VINY VOID).

The band played at many venues in numerous cities in southern France, both as headliners or supporting other bigger bands such as OTH (Montpellier) and OBERKAMPF (PARIS), among others.

The band recorded several tracks in various studios. Unfortunately the band split up just before recording a song that would have appeared on the brilliant Punk Rock compilation album "CHAOS IN FRANCE".

So no recording was ever made before the release of this CD by DETOUR RECORDS. Justice has been done at last! (Just joking).

Unfortunately Fernado Cho.B passed away, Mumbai lives in the south of France, Viny Void in England and Mister Cornholio has stayed in his homeland, "The South Of France". As per Chops, he played in several other groups after the band split up, and then moving out to Paris and later to Madrid to start a solo career. Recently he came back to France where he collaborates with several bands.

Features ...

01 - I'm somebody Else
02 – Opresseur
03 - She's Far Now
04 - Violent Death
05 – Crabs
06 - Loosin' In The Valley
07 – Never Hop
08 - The President Is A Punk
09 – E.P.
10 – Hiroshima
11 - Crabs (Remix 1999)
12 - Crabs (Remix 2005)


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