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Old school german punkrock gem. Sold out for ages,now repressed.

German punk/ oi! outfit from Dortmund, Germany. Founded in 1978.

"The Idiots are one of the oldest German punk bands. Singer and head of the formation from Dortmund which was founded in 1978 is Sir Hannes Schmidt.

The band began with slow Oi! punk in the end of the 70s which developed into hardcore punk in the middle of the 80s. After various concerts and some sampler contributions, the first album They Call Us: The Idiots was released in 1984. In 1987, the second album Cries Of insane followed. In the follow-up, it got to some change in the line-up; the drummer and the bassist left the band. On the third album Station Of Life which was released in 1989 significant influences of thrash metal can be recorded. Sir Hannes and guitarist Holger Bals left the band after this album, the only remaining original member was bassist Olaf Jantoss. With a new singer the fourth album Im Zeichen des Kreuzes was released in 1992, but it was not able to catch up with the previous success. Subsequently, the band broke up.

In 2012, The Idiots made their comeback with a new guitarist and a new drummer and played live shows at Rock in den Ruinen and Ruhrpott Rodeo, the biggest punk festival in Germany. In April 2013 the new, fifth album of the band Amok was released.


A1 Bayrischer Wald

A2 Samstag Nacht

A3 Schiefe Absätze

A4 Kill In The Night

A5 Angst

B1 Mädchen Mit Den Roten Haar'n

B2 Der Säufer

B3 Pechvogel Bei Den Frauen

B4 Dynamo Doppelkorn

B5 Now I Wanna Be Your Dog


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