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Featuring members of some of the most-loved bands of the 80s and beyond, THE MARK THREE bring their raw garage sounds to today’s music scene. Built around the legendary Mark Le Gallez of THE RISK, SINGLE FILE, SACRED HEARTS, THEE JENERATORS and SPEAKEASY fame (to name but a few) on Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals, he is joined by Paul Hooper-Keeley of THE THREADS and THE DEEP SIX on Lead Vocals, Guitars, Hammond B3 & Piano and Emma Page of OMEGA TRIBE, THE THREADS, SEVEN KNIVES and YEH-YEH on Lead Vocals, Drums, Hammond B3 & Lead Guitar (Shining Bright, Autumn, Keep Me Waiting).

An Experiment in Spontaneity Mark Le Gallez, Paul Hooper-Keeley and Emma Page have known each other and have been friends for almost 40-years now, with their respective bands playing together on several occasions during the heady days of the 1980s. But despite the significant number of recordings and releases over the ensuing decades, the three of them had never worked together on any recording projects until now.

Never ones to take the easy route, and exasperated by enormous geographic disconnects, they first came together at Robannas Recording Studio & Rehearsal Rooms in Birmingham at 4pm on Friday 3rd June 2022. The intention was to rehearse and record ‘One Last Time’ and ‘Kiss Me’ for a 7” single, with demos of the two songs having been circulated in advance. But something special happened in that 4-hour rehearsal session with the instant chemistry between the three musicians resulting in additional songs, previously unheard by anyone but the songwriter, being thrown into the mix and coming together almost instantaneously. The Mark Three were born.

Over the next two days, recording and mixing sessions from 10am to 8pm took place, engineered by the wonderful Miguel Seco until, after 52 hours in Birmingham from the band’s formation, The Mark Three had the masters to 5 of the songs on this album in their hands.

One year on and our little Garage Band returned to the recording studio, coincidentally on the corresponding weekend to when the ‘5 x 3’ EP was recorded 12-months earlier, to make our freakbeat noise. Returning to Birmingham, but this time to The Mushrooms recording studio, The Mark Three were in the capable hands of engineer, Jim Aggett, for these sessions. Like last time, the weekend started with a 4-hour rehearsal session on Friday 2nd June. Incredibly, this was the first time that The Mark Three had played the 5-songs together as a band having not all been in the same room since the last recordings were completed. What followed were two 10am to 6pm studio days on 3rd and 4th June in which time the five songs on the ‘Shining Bright’ EP were recorded and mixed.

Being even more ambitious, the band returned to The Mushrooms for a 4-hour rehearsal session to work up 6-songs that were then recorded and mixed over 16-hours on 21st and 22nd October – songs that each band member had only heard in basic demo form until the weekend of the recording. With The Mushrooms owner Matt Davies at the desk, a fun packed weekend was enjoyed by all.

Putting together the 14-original songs, with the two covers appearing as bonus tracks, we present The Mark Three’s debut album to you – “and here we are today in Paisley Paradise…….”.


1 One Last Time

2 Shining Bright

3 What I Want

4 Me And My Guitar

5 Autumn

6 The Road And The River

7 Don't Keep Me Waiting

8 Kiss Me

9 Ment To Be

10 Don't Do It For The Money

11 I Can't Live Without You

12 You Don't Love Me

13 Paisley Paradise

14 The Rest Of My Life

Bonus Tracks

15 I'm Rowed Out

16 Father's Name Is Dad

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