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So the story begins;

Pressure was created due to the demise of Acme Attractions, the remaining members of the band went in search of a new bass player and a new name for the band, we were fortunate enough to find another local lad who we had grown up with and shared the same desire and passion for music as we did. The newly formed band eventually started writing new material and found that we were playing a more powerful type of song yet still trying to keep the same kind of melodic choruses, meanwhile the search for a new name continued as well and after numerous ideas including a few gigs under the name of English Dream the band finally settled on Pressure.

One thing the band had learnt through their Acme Attractions period was that without a manager we were only likely to be seen and heard on the local scene,

On the recording side of things we were still finding it hard to get the powerful sound of playing live transferred onto tape in the studio, there were a couple of brother's called Jim and Pete Austin who were involved with another local band called Toad the Wet Sprocket they had seen us a few times before and had more experience of using a studio than we did, so we invited them to come and engineer our next recording session, with their input our sound was born.

We were learning all the time;

The bands biggest breakthrough though by far, came when one night while preparing to play a local gig, we were asked if we wouldn't mind letting an American female singer perform before us due to some PR company that had come to see her play, it turned out to be the best decision we could have made, as a member of her backing band Steve Wilkins the guitar player took a shine to us and asked if we had any current demo's available, he mentioned that he knew of someone who was looking for bands to start a new record label, fortunately we had just finished recording the demo with Jim and Pete and it got passed on to Jimmy Edwards, whose job it was to find the new bands,Within four days of giving the demo to Jimmy we received a call from the record companies A&R team asking us to play an audition gig at the Marquee in London on a Saturday night, To us it was like being in asked to play Wembley.

Everything changed after that night, not only had we fulfilled our dream of playing at the Marquee but two days later we were asked to travel up to the record company to sign a deal. 

Jimmy Edwards went on to become the bands manager and taught us so much more, from performing, recording and even down to how we should look, we received more radio air time, started playing established venues on the London circuit, we even went out on our own tour across the country as well as supporting established bands such as John Cooper Clark, The Vibrators, Angelic Upstarts and Bad Manners. 

Using house P.A.'s helped us enormously, after many years of cheap mic's and small speakers, we were now able to hear ourselves, it was in the studio that Jimmy Edwards came into his own, teaching us how to get the best sound and style to suit the band, teaching us how to add certain parts to a  song and when to push the vocals, none of this is more evident than on the song Sixteen Seconds which he totally transformed from its original state, after the release of a couple of 12" singles the band found themselves changing musical direction as can be heard on " I Need You "one of three songs recorded with Bob Lamb at his studios in Birmingham the session being arranged by the acting manager Sean Duffy. This initially sparked some interest from the A&R department at RCA who was talking about giving the band an audition gig and some studio time, as the band were waiting for things to develop we slowly started to drift apart and finally the chemistry that had once driven the band disappeared and the band folded back in 1983.

The One's That Got Away;

Now forty years on from when the band first started, we have gone back to those times and recreated those wonderful sounds in today's brilliant stereo, it really can't be described in words, so get the dodgy Hi-Fi’s warmed up and just listen. 


You Talk We Talk 


What About Me 

On The Edge 


A Promise 

Poems And Stories 

Peace Of Mind 

Check It Out 

Give Me Time 

Sixteen Seconds

What Are We Gonna Do?

Hold On

Don't Say Don't Go

Here We Go Again

Crashing Waves

Falling Down

Pressure (Too Much)



Come Back To Me

I Need You

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