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The Stereotypes formed in 1979 in Ilford, Essex. They released one EP, ‘Countdown’, played one gig, had a row and split up.

Fast forward to 2015 and Ash is tracked down by Dizzy from Detour Records. He tells him that ‘Countdown’ is now the rarest punk single of the era. It’s changing hands for £1,500 and interest in the band is growing.

After press stories in Record Collector and numerous local rags, Ash is duly tasked with tracking the original members down. Which he does because he’s annoying like that.

So here we are, 42 years later with new songs and revamped versions of the originals. We are still punk, we are still loud, we still have fights and we still love making a racket.


  1. Parisienne (Ward)

Originally released on the legendary Countdown EP. Revamped for the modern ear. This is how it should have sounded, but we didn’t have enough brain cells.

  1. Atomic Bomber. (Ward/Harrison)

Premiered at our first gig in 1979. Reignited for our second gig in 2017. Explosive stuff.

  1. Alcatraz (Ward/Harrison)

Another memory from the ‘79 gig recently re-released on good behaviour. Just because we can’t see the bars doesn’t mean that we’re free.

  1. Brown Acid (Douglas)

When Doug wrote this he knew things that no one else knew. RIP Doug. Rockin’ in Paradise.

  1. Cities (Ward)

‘London, New York, Paris, Washington DC. Misery is all that you’ll see.’ A stand out line from the 1978 lyric.

  1. Blank Generation (Grant/Ward/Harrison)

A song title originally stolen in 1978. How blank is that? ‘We’ve come down to the wire.’ We have indeed. Human race, get off your knees!

  1. I Hate Work (Grant)

‘Work’s a bitch. You wouldn’t want to do it if you were rich.’ Fortunately, a monotonous job gives you time to plan your escape.

  1. Heartbreak Girl (Ward/Harrison)

Much like Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved, the identity of ‘EJO’ remains a closely guarded secret. Another ’78 classic given a contemporary middle 8.

  1. 40 Years Too Late (Ward/Harrison)

An attempt to stem the growing tide of global fascism originally written in 1979. Now it really is too late. Unless…

  1. Watch Your Step (Douglas)

Doug’s break up diatribe. Who was he breaking up with? It turns out it was everyone. For the moment at least.

  1. Volt City (Bending/Ward/Harrison)

Shakespearean misquotes, the 2011 riots and the combination of two tracks from the Stereotypes original set.

  1. Goodbye Cruel World (Harrison)

It’s all good. Special thanks to BH for the philosophical insights. We all walk through the door into the light.

Good things come to those who wait.

Get band info on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @UkStereotypes

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