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The Risk – ‘Back to the future’/ ‘State on the union’

We go back to the late 80s for Guernsey’s finest Mod power pop band “The Risk”. There last recordings of the decade are gracing the CD format for the very 1st time.

 ‘Back to the future’ was a 1988 unicorn compilation featuring various tracks from Mark le Gallez solo album ‘Mark one’ which he did with Colin Leach later a big part of the band.   The Risk’s debut studio LP ‘Loud shirts and stripes and also the fab Psyched out 45 ‘Forget the girl c/w ‘Know the truth’. A new version of ‘Good times’ from ‘An invitation to blues’ LP and also features along with Contributions from ‘The Cutting Edge’ Mod compilation LP, ‘Nice people’ and ‘Jobs for the boys’ taken off Unicorn’s phase 3 Mod compilation 7” ep.

Two tracks were donated for my Modzine “In the Crowd” flexi discs, in the shape of the fantastic R&B stomper ‘Maxine’ and ‘Ambition’ and last but not least you get ‘Don’t let go’ which is the only track not to of featured on any other release.

The 1989 12” ‘State of the union’ was released while the band enjoyed a short stay in Bristol, and what a classic, showing off the bands maturing song writing ability to the full, not only does it stand the test of time, but is even more relevant today than ever with the current Trump fiasco going in the States right now!.

To finish the album you also get the two excellent tracks, ‘Amount to love’ and ‘Listen to me’ for the 1st time on CD.

The Risk’s story does not stop there; the boys have resurfaced a number of times over the years, to play at various events their most recent at the 2018 Guernsey Scooter rally.

They released an excellent album in 2008 entitled ‘Songs from the big Tomato’ Of course we can’t forget their battle with the X factor over the use of a band on the show using their name “The Risk” which our boys thankfully won, and let’s face it folk, there can only ever be one band called “The Risk”.

Derek ‘Delboy’ Shepherd / Jan 2019


Back To The Future LP

I Don't Want To Know Your Name

Waiting At The Airport

Forget The Girl

Know The Truth

Don't Let Go

I Know A Girl

Nice People


Whisky And Wine

Jobs For The Boys

Carrie Ann

Good Times

State Of The Union 12"

State Of The Union

Amount To Love

Listen To Me

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