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The latest release on our PAISLEY ARCHIVE' label from this 80s US MOD / POWERPOP BAND. Only 200 copies will be pressed and comes with rare photos and sleeve notes by the band themselves. The majority of these recordings have been taken directly off the ORIGINAL Master Tapes.

The 80s mod scene wasn’t just confined to the UK. Pockets of bands and like-minded fans dotted up all over the globe, nowhere more so than the USA.

Based in Washington DC Modest Proposal soon built up a strong loyal following resulting in the release of their debut single "I’ve Seen Your Face Before" / "Nobody Says No". This caught the eye of Unicorn Records who not only included the band on a Phase III EP and compilation album but also gave the band their own album, the awesome Single Minded. A gig at the famous 100 Club supporting 'The Times' was also a highlight during this period.

Sadly it wasn’t to last and with the scene in decline MP called it a day.

Not to be deterred lead singer Neal Augenstein and guitarist Bill Crandall were soon back on the road with newly formed 'The Mondays!' Unicorn Records again soon came knocking and the catchy 4 track 12 inch Fortune & Glory was released. This should have been the start of something big but with the scene now gone completely underground the band felt they had no option but to down instruments.

Here we have all recorded material by both bands as well as a previously unreleased bonus MP track. It might have been A Long Time Ago but the tracks still sound as powerful and fresh today as they did back then, so, do yourself a favour and get this on your to buy list. You won’t be disappointed.

Paul Macnamara


The Hardest Part

After You

Live Today

I've Seen Your Face Before

Nowhere At All

One Dimension Love

Nobody Says No

How I Feel

Laugh And Live

In Or Out

The Look In Your Eyes

My Own Interests

(Do It) For The Movement

Already An Angel

Well Enough Alone

Long Time Ago

The Call

Fortune And Glory

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