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The Omega Four were a groovy Hammond organ instrumental 4 piece outfit playing all the classics from the world of KPM along with the best in Hammond featured bands since. From Booker T & The MGs via Brian Auger, through to the James Taylor Quartet and right up to Corduroy. With many of the tunes being used for popular TV programmes in the 60’s and 70’s, the band got a reputation for being a TV theme band. This was entirely unintentional but rather just an affirmation of the classic tunes the band loved.

Featuring the cream of Edinburgh musicians including former Groove Tunnel Hammond player, Rod Spark, the recordings featured here were originally intended only for the ears of prospective horn players prior to auditioning them. Luckily, events conspired to bring these recordings (warts and all along with chatting which gives an insight into the world of The Omega Four) into the public domain and allow everyone to enjoy. Many of your favourite TV themes are represented along with other classic Hammond grooves. Perhaps with a little persuasion we could get the band to come back to repeat some of their legendary and most groovy performances.


1, Electric Soup

2, Are You Being Served

3, Soul Limbo

4, Funky Fanfare

5, Fried Scampi

6, Blow Up

7, Bert’s Apple Crumble

8, Blarney’s Stoned

9, Green Onions

10, Light and Tuneful

11, Chowdown

12, Beat Me Till I'm Blue

13, Young Scene

14, Time Is Tight

Bonus tracks

15, The Cat

Recorded at a live Radio Session for Paul Clarke’s show on Crystal FM)

16, Electric Soup

17, Soul Limbo

18, Beat Me Till I’m Blue

19, Green Onions

20, Young Scene

21, Bert’s Apple Crumble

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