GARY 7, THE - Three Of Our Agents Are Missing… CD (NEW)

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At last! from Detour records and first time on Compact Disc

The fantastic debut album from The Gary 7 “Three of our agents are missing”

14 Spy Surf Guitar instrumentals plus 4 extra bonus tracks!!!

The Gary 7 formed in 1996 on the South coast of England and first appeared on Volume 4 of the “Locked in Surf “series of LPs on Alopecia records.

After 22 years undercover they emerged once again to take the world by storm.

More “Our man Flint “than James Bond more Link Wray than the Surfaris.

Rock out to “Morocco Mole”, twist on the beach to “Torpedo Assault” and live the Stasi nightmare that is “Night Train to Gdansk”

Gritty Cold War era artwork provided by the very talented Chris Sick Moore with extras for this release inserted by “The Director”.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by our man xxxxxx at Southsea Sound Studios.

Limited edition Compact disc format exclusive to Detour Records.

Don’t be that guy, gal, them to miss out!!

18 original tracks for your listening pleasure Order today to avoid disappointment!


1 A.P.B.

2 The French Connection

3 Morocco Mole

4 Beggar's Canyon

5 Night Train To Gdansk

6 Torpedo Assault

7 The Shadow

8 The G Men Cometh

9 Undercover Operation

10 P.S.L.

11 Kripp Fink

12 The Linkster

13 Gary 7 Vs The Mekon

14 Kamikaze

Bonus Tracks (Exclussive To CD Release Only)

15 Achtung Spitfire

16 Codename Valliant

17 Hindenburger

18 Swiss Jazz


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