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STOP PRESS!!!! After a frantic year and a hard slog sorting all this out, the anticipated next volume in this highly collectable series is finally being released! Yes, that's right! Volume 12 is here!!!!! This time we have dug deep and have really uncovered some long lost PUNK ROCK gems that have laid undiscovered for over 40 years. In-fact, some of the members of these bands have not heard these songs since being recorded back in 1977/78. This release kicks off with two bands from Slough, the home of Open Sore, Robert & the Remoulds, The Onlookers etc. THE XTENSONS were the real deal, formed in '77, recorded four tracks, played one chaotic gig and then disbanded. Thankfully for us and you, the band actually had all four tracks cut onto a 10" acetate which one copy has been unearthed. All four tracks are amazing and ARE real council estate, bleak outlook, three day a week Conserative cut backs.... PUNK ROCK! Next up is THE MYSTERY GIRLS who also feature one ex member of XTensions. Their opening track will blow you away..... When I first heard it I knew I had to track this band down as it was just SO PUNK ROCK. Its derogative, offensive, non PC but when you are teenagers you just don't care! Now 40 years on, you think wow, couldn't get away with those lyrics now! Like the Xtensions, the Mystery Girls had their recordings cut onto an acetate to keep. Five copies were cut and a couple of the band sent theirs away to radio stations, one of which was the late great John Peel. Fast forward 40 years and that actual copy turned up on ebay which I managed to win.... Thank my lucky stars I did! Only three known copies exist now! Two years after they recorded these brilliant tracks the band actually re-recorded some of these tracks and released a 7" single called 'Sounds Like The Mystery Girls on 'Strange Records'. These newly recorded versions are good but the sound of the band had moved on and was more in keeping with the times. A further single was released in 1981.

We now move onto the Portsmouth band THE MEDIA who released two rare and collectable singles back in 1979/80. The first track here is a demo version to the track that appeared on the bands debut EP "No Darling I Love The Media". The second track 'Just For You' was scheduled and was intended to be featured on the bands debut EP and is actually printed on the label and 99% of all these labels have a pen line through this track. This track was dropped in favour of a newly recorded track 'Getting High' which the band felt was a stronger track.... I'm not convinced as 'Just For You' is a real punch in the air punk anthem and is as catchy as hell! Their next track is from the bands debut EP and the last track by them is taken from the bands second single 'South Coast City Rockers' that was release on the local 'Brain Boosters' label in 1980. We them move onto this short lived ST. MATILDA'S BOYS. This band was recommended to us by Haydn of Synde/Two-Tone Pinks as he actually sings backing vocals to this track. The band featured Jim carter and Doug Newton who were to evolve into F.T. Index a year later and appeared on 'A Manchester Collection (Bands Of The Manchester Musicians Collective)' compilation album. They recorded four tracks back in 1978 but sadly only this track has survived. Next up is SNYDE from Manchester who were formed in 1977 and were booked to support the Sex Pistols at 'Champness Hall' in Rochdale until Cyril Smith MP prevented the gig from going ahead. The first four tracks here are from the actual master tape from the bands first venture into a studio. They are raw with plenty of teenage angst! The next three tracks are from the bands second time in the studio. After two years of Synde, the bands evolved into Manchester's Premier Mod band The Two-Tone Pinks. The last band to be featured on this release are a little bit different, the guitarist was in the Mystery Girls from Slough but had moved away to University in Kent and assembled a new band called THE FAMOUS MEN. Loads of new songs were written and recorded with plenty of live dates followed. Sadly their only legacy to date was a track called "Grooving With The Famous Men" that appeared on a Kent based compilation album called 'First Offenders' in 1980 alongside the brilliant Ignerents.

<<< As per usual, this CD version comes with EXTRA TRACKS and a 20 Page booklet that is crammed full of rare photos and liner notes by the bands themselves >>>



The XTensions



The XTensions

Hard Addict


The XTensions

Leave Us Alone


The XTensions

Suck It And See


The Mystery Girls     

Put A Bag On Your Head


The Mystery Girls

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby


The Mystery Girls



The Mystery Girls

X-Ray Eyes


The Mystery Girls

You Do Too Much Talking


The Mystery Girls

Oxford Street


The Mystery Girls

Drofxo Teerts


The Media

TV kids (Demo)


The Media

Just for you (Demo)


The Media

Don’t Sit Back


The Media

Back on the beach


St Matilda's Boys

Don’t Stare






Who Are You?



Living In Langley



Thieving Bitch



Silicon Chip



Style & Fashion



Play In A day


The Famous Men

Down By The River (Is Where I Lost My Baby)


The Famous Men

New Strain


The Famous Men

It’s Not Me


The Famous Men

What’s The Point?

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