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Well, we have done it!!! Bored Teenagers Volume 13 is about to hit the streets after a hard two-year slog through some very depressing and harrowing times with all this Coronavirus everywhere and a lot of friends have been lost throughout this epidemic. In our lifetime, we have never seen anything like this, and we never thought we would see anything like this! So here is hoping things are on the way up and hopefully Volume 13 is not unlucky but brings you some more long lost and hidden punk rock gems!

So, here goes...  

This release kicks off with Six previously unreleased songs from the summer of 1979 via a highly charged Portsmouth quartet. Earlier that year 'The Precautions' recruited a new fresh-faced vocalist by the name of 'Ade' (who in 1978 he had been in epically named combo The Boasters) but these were the first studio recordings he had been involved with. These six songs are amazing, full-on adrenalin fuelled punk classics. We think that are brilliant and hopefully you will too. Ade would resurface a few years later as the vocalist in Red Letter Day but that is another story…. Next up is 'RU12' another obscure Punk band from out of Coventry. This band is quite steep in history as two of the members also played with another band from Coventry called The Squad who featured 'Terry Hall' of The Specials. Another member had links with some of the 2-Tone bands as well. In their short existence they ventured into the studio twice on two different occasions, the first time they recorded the insanely rare single "She's Gone" and was released on their own label in a pressing size of only 100 copies! Both sessions are featured here on this release in the entirety, the second session have never been released ever until now! I hope you dig them. Then we are treated to this highly controversial named Scottish band 'Belsen Horrors'. Once again, this band is steeped in history as not only does it feature Lenny Helsing from numerous garage bands like The Green Telescope, The Thanes and The Wildebeests etc. as well as a renowned and established music journalist but also features a future member of The Exploited. The next offering is from this very obscure band 'F-Effekt' from the South London / Surrey area that sadly never released anything back in the day but did venture into a recording studio and came away with six copies of an Acetate that they had cut! The release ends with 'The Mistakes' from Kent who should've of made it BIG! They played the legendary Roxy Club a few times and always went down a storm. They have a dual male/female vocal attack that worked so well for The Rezillos and also featured amongst their ranks a very young drummer who went by the name of 'Max Splodge'. The band ventured into the studio a few times, one of which was with Martin Hannett but sadly all the master tapes have been lost over time and these recordings have been salvaged from old cassette tapes. 

<<< As per usual, this CD version comes with EXTRA TRACKS and a 20 Page booklet that is crammed full of rare photos and liner notes by the bands themselves >>>


The Precautions - Red Light

The Precautions - Billy Flier

The Precautions - The Model / Page 3

The Precautions - Five Finger Spread

The Precautions - Fashionable

The Precautions – Society

RU12 - She's Gone

RU12 - Purely Physical

RU12 - Teenage Girl

RU12 – Did You Get My Letter?

RU12 – Everybody’s Made Of Meat

RU12 – Tell The World

RU12 - Snow

RU12 – Rubber Suzie

Belsen Horrors  - On The Beach

Belsen Horrors  - Pin-Up Boy

Belsen Horrors  - Car Crash Victim

Belsen Horrors  - Bride Of Frankenstein

Belsen Horrors  - Chant

Belsen Horrors  - Virginia Plain

Belsen Horrors  - Premonition

F/EFFEKT - Bomb Scare

F/EFFEKT - Rave Reviews

F/EFFEKT – Yesterday

The Mistakes - The Next Generation

The Mistakes – Headline

The Mistakes - What You Gonna Do?

The Mistakes - Weekend Ravers

The Mistakes – Making Excuses

The Mistakes – Boredom

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