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Acid Attack are back with their first new studio recordings since 1983 with their new album ‘Saville Row Assassins’!

Originally formed in 1980, Acid Attack fitted loosely into what’s become known as the UK82 punk scene. Hailing from Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK, they mainly gigged locally from 1981 - 1983 and produced a thirteen track cassette in 1982 called ‘Sulphuric’ that was sold at gigs, by word of mouth and adverts in Sounds. That DIY cassette has since been traded all over the world by collectors.

In all, between 1981 and 1983, they went in the studio three times. From their second session the song Suburbia’s Dream featured on cult 1984 compilation LP ‘On The Street’. Eventually all of their 1980s demo tracks were released in 2016 on CD via Only Fit For The Bin Records in the UK and in 2018 on vinyl through Radio Raheem Records in the US.

On the strength of those releases they are back playing live, have re-recorded a clutch of old songs and added some new ones. Saville Row Assassins is the result. Eleven slabs of noisy punk rock, a mix of old and new, recorded now. The album retains the spirit of those early ‘80s recordings mixed with the sound, melodies and licks they have today.


(There’s Gonna Be Another) Acid Attack

Nothing Doing

Pen Pusher


Dancing In The Fallout Zone

Alone Inside

Work Ethic

Collapse Of A System


Animal Sound

Suburbia’s Dream

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