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Portsmouth’s own “post-punk/goth/couldn’t give a shit” Torpedoes release their fourth album “Heaven’s Light Our Guide” on 5th July. The 20 track double album, borne across the lost years of Covid19, lockdown and the chaotic aftermath is a fine body of work musically, and as always lyrically questioning given principle songwriter Ray (Razor) Fagan and his take on the world we must all inhabit whether we like it or not. Following on from debut album The Gong Show (2007), Dark Times (2011) and Black Museum (2018), Heaven’s Light Our Guide was written and recorded across two years, with a tweak in the line-up upon the arrival of Steve (Shirley) Burrell on bass joining Razor on vocals and guitars, Martin (Elvis) Cook on drums and Ben (Benny) Prior on guitar and keyboards.

Heaven’s Light sees Torpedoes taking their Post-Punk/Goth signature sound forward with an emphasis on keyboards whilst retaining the spiky guitar driven edge that has served them so well in the past. In Heaven’s Light we’re listening to an old school band having a look at the state of the human race, laughing and really not caring what the rest of the world thinks.

Think Killing Joke, The Damned, Muse, The Cardiacs and sprinkle in a little of The Cure and you get close to Torpedoes, ultimately however, they sound like Torpedoes.

Recorded, produced and mixed at Studio One28, with J D Callender of Cranes and Curl at the desk, Heaven’s Light Our Guide can be indulgent, rich, layered with keyboards and at the same time stained with angular post-punk lyrically making observations that most can’t be arsed to see or deal with. Make no mistake, with the arrival of Callender, Torpedoes have worked harder and drunk more than ever before. With Heaven’s Light Our Guide, Torpedoes have created a poetic body of work that nods to their past, examines our collective future and most importantly makes the statement that we’ve fucked up our world and we have no-one to blame but ourselves.



End Of The World Party

Blue Sky (In The Rain)

Singing Myself To Sleep

Made Of Stone

Tomorrow's Mine


Your Democracy

An English Rose

Heaven's Light Our Guide

In America

Notes From The Underground

Fear Of Human Design


Dystopia Utopia

Heathen Priest

Beat Me Alive


Artificial Life

So Goodbye

Somebody Else's Year


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