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Bin Liner Records off-shoot "ONLY FIT FOR THE BIN" label are proud to be releasing direct of the original reel to reel master tape these recently unearthed and thought to be lost in time EARLY recordings by this old London based band THE SPEEDOMETORS. These 1977 recordings PRE-DATE any releases and helped the band to secure a recording contract.

In the latter part of 1976 - the desire to get in your face, play hard and fast, and wear leather, proved too much and The Speedometors were born. Robbie Watson, Martin Finlay and Lol Gellor, then of the Shepherds Bush based band Rough Diamonds, like many had become disenchanted with a stagnant music scene and were more than happy to join those signed up (and signing on) to an emerging Punk sensibility.

The plan of attack, apart from turning up the gain on your Vox (AC30), meant the newly formed Speedometors' songs doubled in tempo, spoke of personal aspiration and desperation, and a general disenchantment with the way of things.

An opportunity presented itself whilst gigging at some of Liverpool's' most character forming venues (eg. The Dove and Olive, the Moonlight, The Bluebell and some best not remembered) to record at the fledgling Amazon studios. A one day recording session on the studios converted 8 track data recorder created - Bored, Reel to Reel and Work. Heartened by the response to these demos,  a short time later, again in Liverpool's Amazon, a second one day session provided more demos - Disgrace, Motor Chef, Out of Control and Magistrate. With not enough money to pay for the session - Gellor left a recently purchased Flying V as surety. He never got that guitar back - but it had served its purpose. A friend, Colin Barton, so enamoured of the demos created The Mascot Label and made The Speedometors the labels' first release. Barton organised an overnight session at the legendary Pathway Studios in Islington to re-record Disgrace and Work. Done in one night at the 8 track studio, these tracks formed the now much sought after 7" Mascot single.

Shortly after this recording guitarist  Ian "Toose" Taylor joined the band. The band  became increasingly busy gigging at all the usual Punk watering holes such as the Marquee, Speakeasy , Hope & Anchor, Vortex, Rock Garden, Music Machine and Dingwalls etc. They also supported a range of bands - amongst which Motorhead, Sham 69 and Ultravox.  They played wherever and with whoever they could - even supporting newly signed Polydor band, Dire Straits, at the Nashville in West London. Though they did manage to get banned from the Roxy after Gellor allegedly mooned at a visiting Canadian TV News team. Things got a little more violent  when they supported Sham 69 at the now notorious LSE gig. The gig saw a clash between Millwall and West Ham fans and the resultant damage got Sham banned from all London venues.

The Mascot single and further demos at Islands studios in Hammersmith saw the interest of producer Micky Dallon who expressed a desire to get involved in the bands future.  It was around this time that Gellor(*1) chose to leave the band. Encouraged by Gellor (his and the bands mate) Steve Parry (Radio Stars) took over the Speedometors drum stool.

A Dallon(*2) produced album lead to a deal with Acrobat Records

A version 2  Speedometors had emerged - leather jackets gone - Cadillac's not jacked up Crestas - even keyboards were added - the 80s were just round the corner!

During the recording of the Speedometors "Day in the lights" album Steve Parry left the band and was replaced by Paul Spencer from Howard Devoto's band "Magazine". The band added Lee Dallon on keyboards and Chris Gent, sax/vocals of the Autographs for live appearances. The single "Tonight Tonight" received a great response with plays on B.B.C. Radio 1 and lead to a B.B.C. live  session. The band continued to tour the U.K. including a residency at the "Marquee" in Wardour St London, coupled with two appearances at the "Reading Festival". At the end of 1979 shortly after a tour with fellow Acrobat artist Ian Gillan, time on the road took its toll and Robbie Watson(*3) decided to leave the band. The Speedometors continued working on a second LP but the collapse of Acrobat records sealed their fate (*4).

So .... What you get on the Detour "Reel to Real" release is the 100% original Speedometors - rough, raw and ready - gain dial on 11.

Enjoy! (or jog on).









DISGRACE (Mascot Version)

WORK (Mascot Version)

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