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The 1960s brought a musical revolution, and four decades later we are supporting its evolution in an individual way.

"This is how The Swipes get to the heart of what drives them deep down: an irrepressible desire to assimilate the substance of the Swinging Sixties in all its facets and to make them fit for the present using new ways of playing. As soon as the quartet from Frankfurt am Main, founded in 2007, gets going, a virtual time tunnel seems to be building up, through which massive chunks of the former musical big bang are once again sweeping through: garage punk, surf, rock \'Roll, Psychedelic, Mod - a potpourri, as if the band wanted to conjure up the collective spirit of the Sixties avant-garde such as The Sonics, The Velvet Underground or The Who. Thrilling rock'n'roll hooklines alternate with driving, well-measured grooves Effects meet rhythms that are almost always compatible with dance floors. What distinguishes the Swipes sound from the originals of the 'Sixties Garage Beat Explosion': The Frankfurters set many of their own accents, also weave in style highlights from later decades and like to switch up their tempo from time to time a step higher than the protagonists of yesteryear. For example, in the best The Clash style, relaxed reggae sprinkles or whipping punk riffs also appear in their repertoire. You can tell from the swipes that they weren't always just in the Sixties. Members of the band were and are also on stage for indie and punk rock projects (including Swoons, Popzillas, Straight A). The bottom line is that listeners at The Swipes can expect a treat that will appeal to nostalgics as well as those who always study the latest campus charts. At least if your interest lies primarily in the neo-garage sector with names like The Hives, The White Stripes or The Strokes. Swipes songs have been played many times by public and private broadcasters, including hr3, YouFM, MDR Sputnik, Radio BOB and the American TV channel ESPN. Special highlights included a live & unplugged performance on hr3 as well as band features with interviews on YouFM. In addition, their songs are played on many city, campus and web radio programs around the world.



Tick Tack Time Machine

The World Would Be Better Without You

Cruelity Of Choice

All That You Can Do

Save & Kill

Smart New World

Maybe Maybe

Bitter Sunrise

Pandora'S Box

The Return Of The Agents From Outer Space

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