ZERO POINT, THE - 4 Decades Of Fuckin' Shit Up : Punk Rock Since 1979 LP (NEW) (P)

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Danish Punkrock since 1979. This is a 22 track compilation of all their 80s recordings as well as four tracks from 2008. Includes inlay with detailed band history. 250 copies only.


Taken from the HA!! EP (1983)

01.Mr. Right Guy

02.The Front Line

03.Get Out

04.No Compromise

05.Working Class Zero

Taken from The Murmur EP (1986)

06.The Abstract Anger

Taken from the T.Z.P. Tape (1981)

07.Fashion 08.Cops

09.Going Mad!

10.Government, The Biggest Enemy

11.Fascist Animal

12.Kids On The Street

13.Do What You Want

Taken from Demo (1980)

14.Disco, Disco

15.Join The Army

16.I Scream, You Scream

Taken from Trid Ned Studio Demo (1981)


18.Country And Western

Taken from the Shameless Selfpromotion album (2008)

19.Life's A Bitch And Then You Die

20.Chinese Rocks

21.Shitfaced In A Spitfire found in Steens underpants:

22.English Civil War

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