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The Media release their new EP, headed by the instantly singalong rush of (Just Like) Alfie, on Sunday 14th April 2024 with a show at Brighton’ prestigious Concord2.

The Media are a rejuvenated classic scooter … new engine, shocks and forks (no brakes needed mind!), along with authentic paint job, new mirrors for looking back while heading for the future!

We all love a bit of Alfie, don’t we! The Media have nailed the trick of sounding exactly like they did in 1978/1979, while offering up enough nods and winks, unmissable guitar riffs and quality, quality saxophone to make you prick up your ears and put on your dancing shoes today!

The second side of the double A side single kicks off with what is going to be one of their signature songs - Don't Go Away - this is a huge rush of Marc Bolan’s Glam Rock Super Boogie! The rhythm section are to die for … in no small way!

Closer, What Doesn't Kill Ya has a total A-list grove ala All Mod Cons The Jam.

The four track EP includes the Morricone/Spaghetti Western styled Hombre Sin Nombre (you don't have to be American to guess the translation for that one). Grab yourself a copy before they all fly out the beat club door. The band are great live, with a devilish charismatic singer. Do yourself a favour, become a butterfly collector hombres. SNAP! It up!


(Just Like) Alfie

Hombre Sin Nombre

Don’t Go Away

What Doesn't Kill Ya

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