SWIPES. THE - Something In The Way Must Be Destroyed (BLUE VINYL) LP (NEW) (P)

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LIMITED EDITION OF 300 COPIES (blue clear vinyl) Their angry 4th album makes The Swipes sound punkier and darker than ever before - matching this: the bitterly evil lyrics about the decay of culture and society. In times of racism, environmental destruction and Nazi triumphs. A breathless punk rock record with guitar walls as surgical instruments, uptempo songs as pacemakers and China Drum and Pegboy covers as operating room lights. As impetuous as a debut, irreconcilable with the tale of limitless growth and its apocalyptic riders.


A1 Atomic Stomp

A2 Bad News - Short Fuse

A3 Just Another Year

A4 Something In The Way Must Be Destroyed

A5 Can´t Stop These Things

B1 This Is Your Life

B2 Tomorrow´s War

B3 How To Stop Believing

B4 Rat Race

B5 Through My Fingers

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